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   “AJ Primary Health Care” is an agreement between the patient and the primary health care provider. The program was created to help low-income people who cannot afford high health costs in the United States, specifically in Miami-DADE County.

You are welcome to enroll in this health care agreemen, as well as:

  • Undocumented patients.
  • Patients who do not apply for the OBAMACARE program because they do not have the minimum required income.
  • Patients with medium or high incomes who are unable to pay their high monthly fees.
  • Employees with commercial insurance whose coverage does not meet their needs.

   Javier García MSN-FNP is the CEO and health care provider in the office. Graduate of Doctor in Medicine at the University of Havana in 1999, then became Family Nurse Practitioner on 2016 at South University. He currently works under a collaborative agreement with a doctor registered in the State of Florida.

   His vision is to provide high quality services and old-style medical care with the use of modern technology.




AJ Primary Health Care